Disregarding Paul Martin, The anti Charter of Rights, House of Commons denigrates Maclean’s fundamental freedoms.

The House of Commons censures Maclean’s

by Aaron Wherry on Wednesday, September 29, 2010 7:56pm – 78 Comments

This evening the House of Commons unanimously passed a motion censuring this magazine. The following is the submitted text of that motion.

That this House, while recognizing the importance of vigorous debate on subjects of public interest, expresses its profound sadness at the prejudice displayed and the stereotypes employed by Maclean’s Magazine to denigrate the Quebec nation, its history and its institutions.

Independent MP Andre Arthur reportedly objected to the motion, then left the chamber, allowing the motion to be re-introduced and passed.

House of Commons now there’s a team that does not care for free speech.  Course they say they do but you just can’t say anything they don’t like. Which is essentially the same as Stalins and Hitlers view on free speech.

Those organizations that denigrate or hate Christians, whites, anglos, farmers, stay at home moms, red necks etc presumably deserve more funding for tax spenders from tax payers I’ve yet to hear the HOC censure one.

When did anyone care about the decades of stereo types of me?


Can we censure the endophobic bigots at the CBC? or  at the Winnipeg Free Press, Toronto Star, CUPE, etc.  Nope they are progressive bigots so their actions are always acceptable.

Whoever voted for this sucks, but I’m sure there’s a glint in the eyes of Hitler, Che and Stalin as they look up from the flames this morning. Like them the house of commons says you have the right to free speech as long as you agree with the current truth.

Paul Martin was wrong you can cherry pick charter rights! Because the House of Commons is taking a run at Macleans’s charter right 2 freedom of the press, expression and all that.  remember Paul and all the liberals saying you cannot cherry pick charter rights? Well now his party have most certainly just proven that you can, seems they voted for this en masse.

Remember if they can vote to take away Macleans rights to free speech we can do it to the left too.  I mean the left gets ballistic if you take away Robin Sharpe’s right to child porn or pull funding from some government run anti Canadian agency.

The House of Commons just cherry picked and took away Macleans FUNDAMENTAL freedoms. Shame on the thugs.

1 person in the HOC doesn’t suck today MP Andre Arthur.



I see someone coming here from the CBC gave me a bad rating, boo hoo.

In other news

The Government of Canada does not, of course, observe International Free Press Day but it does celebrate Islamic Heritage Month


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Dion and Ignatieff both reject forming coalition government with the Bloq & the CBC memory hole?

Liberal Leader Stéphane Dion flatly rejected forming a coalition government with the New Democrats today on the heels of hints from NDP Leader Jack Layton that he’d be open to the idea.

Mr. Dion, speaking after an address to a Vancouver-area business crowd today, said he could not work with Mr. Layton in this way because the NDP leader wants to hike taxes on business.

“We cannot have a coalition with a party that has a platform that would be damaging for the economy. Period,” the Liberal leader said.



Liberal Leader Michael Ignatieff has come out swinging against the Conservatives’ claims he is conspiring to take power with the help of the NDP and Bloc, declaring, There is no coalition, period.


If you go there now the current truth has changed the story it’s about EI.  I guess the original is supposed to go down the memory hole and they did turf it before Google cache got a hold of it.

We have always been at war with Eastasia.

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How much was my old blog worth before Bluehost and Asad took it out?


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UK Northumbria Police say avert your gaze there’s diversity to be done.

Men arrested in Gateshead over suspected Koran burning

Six Tyneside men have been arrested after filming themselves apparently burning copies of the Koran on the anniversary of the 9/11 attacks.

They were arrested on suspicion of inciting racial hatred and released on bail pending further inquiries.

‘Mutual respect’

In a joint statement, Northumbria Police and Gateshead Council said: “The kind of behaviour displayed in this video is not representative of our community as a whole.

“Our community is one of mutual respect and we continue to work together with community leaders, residents and people of all faiths and beliefs to maintain good community relations.”


Yes you avert your eyes and you get on your knees because that’s the only way to have good relations with Islam.  they will never ever make any accommodation for you.  There are no synagogues in Medina.  Their only accomodation might be to lop your head off to put you out of your misery.

Allowing that the police call good community relations.

Luckily their lack of mutual respect is never an issue for gutless lefties.  None of the thugs above have ever been arrested by police for inciting racial hatred.

Luckily in the UK the police and their cowardly progressive backers don’t mind burning the Union Jack or the Bible,


Their rights go way beyond free speech.

The left will say all you can do is look down and hope you don’t provoke them.  Send the thugs home! And send the lefties to Yemen so they can feel the tolerance.

Heres a tiny sample of their recent intolerance,


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Seriously? A 24% hike in EI taxes

Well when 1.5 million Canadians are unemployed we can’t be expected to cut immigration.  So EI rates will go up its what the people want.  Stupid people.

There will be a House of Commons vote Wednesday on a Bloc Quebecois (BQ) Private Member’s Bill (C-308) that would reduce the number of hours needed to become eligible for Employment Insurance (EI) benefits to only 360 hours – 45 work days – right across Canada.

The government – who opposes the measure – estimates this change (with a few others in the bill) would cost employers and employees between $2.3 and $4.0 billion more per year.  EI premiums would have to rise as much as 24% to cover the new spending.  Premiums are already scheduled to rise this coming January.

Believe it or not, Bill C-308 is close to becoming law. The Liberals and NDP so far have voted with the Bloc to get the bill all the way through committee. Wednesday’s vote in the House of Commons confirms the Committee’s recommendation to move forward with the Bill.  A date for third and final reading has not yet been set.

Taxpayers need a real fix to EI. One that allows premiums to reflect job security, that doesn’t encourage “seasonal employment” and that doesn’t unfairly discriminate against prosperous regions. In short, make EI a real insurance program.

We might expect such a radical proposal from the NDP and Bloc; but the Liberals? On one hand the Liberals are blasting the Conservatives for EI premium hikes set for January 1st, and on the other hand voting for measures in the House of Commons that would send EI premiums through the roof.  What gives?

Please send Liberal leader Michael Ignatieff and Liberal Finance Critic, Scott Brison a note suggesting Bill C-308 is not good policy to encourage work, prevent job-killing payroll tax hikes or balance the EI Fund.

–Kevin, Courtenay, Shannon and the rest of the CTF Team

PS: Can you offer a testimonial?  We’re putting together a new section on Taxpayer.com in which supporters say – in a single sentence – why they belong to the CTF.  If you’re interested in providing a testimonial or would like more information please send Courtenay a note here.

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Iran says no to free speech, sentences Hossein Derakhshan to 19 yrs for being like me.

28/09/2010 12:52:00 PM
Hossein Derakhshan was arrested in Tehran on Nov. 1, 2008.
A Canadian-Iranian blogger has been sentenced in Tehran to 19 years in prison after being convicted of creating anti-government propaganda.

He was tried on charges of collaborating with enemy states, creating propaganda against the Islamic regime, insulting religious sanctity and creating propaganda for anti-revolutionary groups.


Now he’s a Jihadist I wouldn’t mind having here! Unlike Asad who for all his whining has not got on a plane home for the good of Islam.

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Imagine how all the sci fi movies would go if an Islamic nation made first contact. Intergalactic Jihad.

Appointing a representative from a country and a religion that has still not learned to treat other human beings as equals, to deal with aliens, is probably not the best idea. But we can probably assume that it’s part of Obama’s strategy to prioritize boosting Muslim self-esteem over space exploration. Still it might have been better if Malaysia focused more on learning how to deal with people on earth, before aiming for the skies. Especially when Malaysia’s Religious Peace are likely to burst into the Office for Outer Space Affairs and drag the doctor on suspicion of immoral affairs with non-Muslim aliens. A fate that happens often enough to female professionals who work with non-Muslims in the Muslim world.


All this is particularly unwise, as Muslims have already declared a Jihad against “space aliens”. Sheikh Omar Bakri has declared that, “We are obliged as Muslims to make the whole galaxy subservient to almighty Allah”. Say what you will about Muslims, you can’t accuse them of thinking small. At least not when it comes to genocide. Forget conquering and enslaving the whole world, when there’s a whole galaxy out there. And a chance to force ET to wear a Burqa.

But Mazlan Othman has already said that in the event the spaceships do show up, “we should have in place a co-ordinated response that takes into account all the sensitivities related to the subject”. Since Muslims are habitually only concerned with “sensitivities” when it comes to their own beliefs, the aliens will probably be greeted with a copy of the Koran, which hopefully for all our sakes, they won’t mistake for a snack or a cigar, and an explanation of how Islam is the light of the universe.


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