Seriously? A 24% hike in EI taxes

Well when 1.5 million Canadians are unemployed we can’t be expected to cut immigration.  So EI rates will go up its what the people want.  Stupid people.

There will be a House of Commons vote Wednesday on a Bloc Quebecois (BQ) Private Member’s Bill (C-308) that would reduce the number of hours needed to become eligible for Employment Insurance (EI) benefits to only 360 hours – 45 work days – right across Canada.

The government – who opposes the measure – estimates this change (with a few others in the bill) would cost employers and employees between $2.3 and $4.0 billion more per year.  EI premiums would have to rise as much as 24% to cover the new spending.  Premiums are already scheduled to rise this coming January.

Believe it or not, Bill C-308 is close to becoming law. The Liberals and NDP so far have voted with the Bloc to get the bill all the way through committee. Wednesday’s vote in the House of Commons confirms the Committee’s recommendation to move forward with the Bill.  A date for third and final reading has not yet been set.

Taxpayers need a real fix to EI. One that allows premiums to reflect job security, that doesn’t encourage “seasonal employment” and that doesn’t unfairly discriminate against prosperous regions. In short, make EI a real insurance program.

We might expect such a radical proposal from the NDP and Bloc; but the Liberals? On one hand the Liberals are blasting the Conservatives for EI premium hikes set for January 1st, and on the other hand voting for measures in the House of Commons that would send EI premiums through the roof.  What gives?

Please send Liberal leader Michael Ignatieff and Liberal Finance Critic, Scott Brison a note suggesting Bill C-308 is not good policy to encourage work, prevent job-killing payroll tax hikes or balance the EI Fund.

–Kevin, Courtenay, Shannon and the rest of the CTF Team

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