Ezra’s left flanking of Green peace.

Greenpeace is good at bashing oil but only in very safe countries. They’ve never had a protest, or even a press conference, in Riyadh or Tehran.

The idea of Greenpeace activists breaking into a Saudi or Iranian refinery and shutting it down, like they regularly do in Canada, is unthinkable they’d be shot dead by those bully regimes.

I’ve outflanked Greenpeace on the left, and they know it. I’m telling them to care about human rights, and women, and workers. I’m calling on them to remember the “peace” in Greenpeace.

The old Greenpeace would never have excused Saudi Arabia or Iran. Too bad – because we sure could use someone like that right now.


I think the whole book is a brilliant concept.  I never thought of it earlier and who else did.  Not SDA.

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