Screw Habeas Corpus anti gun nutz don’t need no stinkin warrants.

Be that as it may, at a cost of $500 million, out of an estimated 7 million firearms (of which 2.8 million were prohibited), only 640,000 guns were surrendered to police. What has been the result? Same as in England. Like in Great Britain, crime Down Under has escalated.

Twelve months after the law was implemented in 1997, there has been a 44 percent increase in armed robberies, an 8.6 percent increase in aggravated assaults, and a 3.2 percent increase in homicides. That same year in the state of Victoria, there was a 300 percent increase in homicides committed with firearms. The following year, robberies increased almost 60 percent in South Australia. By 1999, assaults had increased in New South Wales by almost 20 percent.

Two years after the ban, there have been further increases in crime: armed robberies by 73 percent; unarmed robberies by 28 percent; kidnappings by 38 percent; assaults by 17 percent; manslaughter by 29 percent, according to the Australian Bureau of Statistics.

And consider the fact that over the previous 25-year period, Australia had shown a steady decrease both in homicide with firearms and armed robbery – until the ban.

No matter where in the world they bring in a registry or a ban the crime rate goes up.

Since the long gun registry’s inception murder rates by firearms are up 24%!!!

Plus before Asad and Bluehost took out my old blog I had stats on how in the UK 10 years after banning handguns crimes with handguns have doubled.

But the left likes to make a safe working environment for thugs.  Thugs are a core constituency.  There like here, you don’t need a warrant to enter a registered firearms owners house.

Screw Habeas Corpus the left don’t need no stinkin warrants.

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