The reduction of Germany’s average IQ

And in Germany, which has about 4 million Muslim immigrants (most of them from Turkey), former finance minister Thilo Sarrazin has caused a firestorm with a new book that criticizes the country’s immigration policies. Here’s how Der Spiegel puts it:

The ideas are crudely formulated: Muslim immigrants have contributed nothing to German prosperity; the high fertility rates among the country’s Muslim community have resulted in the reduction of Germany’s collective IQ; Muslim immigrants would prefer to be on welfare than to work;

I like how they are “crudely formulated” I guess if you know the message is correct all you can do is stuff like ad hominum attacks.  Maybe they should show other studies that show wizened Muslims are pulling the IQ up.  If they can’t I recommend and honour killing  because the truth hurts.

Sarrazin was forced out of his job at the central bank, but the popular reaction has been quite different:

Criticism bordering on revulsion dominated the first wave of the reaction. Politicians and opinion leaders condemned Sarrazin almost unanimously.
(here, here, for the socialist elites!)
But then it slowly became apparent that many citizens agreed with Sarrazin. The publisher announced that, due to high demand, it was going to increase the book’s initial printing to 250,000 copies. Furthermore, Internet forums and political events made it clear that Sarrazin — a member of the center-left Social Democrats, which has initiated proceedings to throw him out of the party — had broad public support. Many are saying he is right; or, even if he does make a mistake here and there, he isn’t being treated fairly.

(my 2 cents)

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7 Responses to The reduction of Germany’s average IQ

  1. will le fey says:

    Do you even know what the word wizened means?

  2. will le fey says:

    Just saying, learn to use words correctly before raving about the IQ of Turks.

  3. maddinosaur says:

    I did use it in context Will.

    It’s only been used for 1100 years after Islamic thugs had been chased out of France. Maybe when you are “a wizened old man” you will know these things?

    Feel free to apologize, grovel, etc. In further comments.

    Altavista tracks it almost 2 million hits on the net. Must be a lot of us raving about Turks.

  4. maddinosaur says:

    This is kind of related but I had someone email me they wanted to resign when they really wanted to resign a business deal,…


  5. will le fey says:

    I can’t really say anything about that, as I have no clue what in the six cold hells and six hot hells you’re talking about.

  6. maddinosaur says:

    well they said resign when they meant re sign

    Ps you forgot to apologize because you don’t know what wizened means.

  7. will le fey says:

    I do know what wizened means. It has nothing to do with the word wisdom whatsoever (and I think you think it does).

    PS: were you dropped on the head as a child? I’ve seen posts on the Amazon music forum that made more sense than this.

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