It’s the Armenian Christians fault that Islamic Turks genocided a million of them, Turkey is the victim here!

(CBS) Wars are fought over oil, land, water, but rarely over history, especially about something that happened nearly 100 years ago. But that’s what Turkey and Armenia are still fighting over: what to label the mass deportation and subsequent massacre of more than a million Christian Armenians from Ottoman Turkey during World War I.

Armenians and an overwhelming number of historians say that Turkey’s rulers committed genocide, that its actions were a model for what Hitler did to the Jews. The Turks, meanwhile, say their ancestors never carried out such crimes, and that they too were victims in a world war.


Funny no matter how many Islam kills they always say they are the victim.

In Ambassador Morgenthau’s Story” by Henry Morgenthau, he wrote:

“My only reason for relating such dreadful things as this is that, without the details, the English-speaking public cannot understand precisely what this nation is which we call Turkey. . . I am confident that the whole history of the human race contains no such horrible episode as this. [Written, of course, before the Holocaust.]. . . [The Armenian atrocities] were the product of religious fanaticism and most of the men and women who instigated them sincerely believed that they were devoutly serving their Maker.” (page 221)


Stop all Islamic immigration.

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