Dr Dawg and Robert McClelland treat immigrants like slaves

So Asad comes to Canada accuses Dr Dawg and Robert McClelland of treating immigrants like slaves because they haven’t given up their day jobs for affirmative action or given enough taxes to fund immigrant artist grants.  They basically agree with him,

Asad says that in spite of MyBlagh, Dawgsblawg and the CBC that Canadian Culture has suckitude, that they are screwing over immigrants with arts grants, affirmative action etc etc and the lefties are all gleeful that we’re taking hits for even quoting him.

It’s funny they were also silent when left dog was under the gun by an anti free speech Green party. whether it’s because of laziness, ignorance or cravenness I’ll let them answer. Unlike them I stuck up for his charter right to free speech. His fundamental freedom that these dingbats were silent over.

This isn’t an issue of ideology, because really you either stick up for everyones free speech or you would really self actualize better by moving to Cuba or Russia.

Why do Dawg and McClelland hate the charter of rights I wonder? I mean other than section 15.2 it’s not that bad a document. Or does free speech mean that I’m only free to agree with them, just like it was under thugs like Stalin or Hitler?

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