The Long gun registry, This useless, prohibitively expensive law.

This useless, prohibitively expensive law was founded on deliberate Liberal lies and deceiption. In 1994 the RCMP Commissioner at that time Philip Murray chastised the Liberals for deliberately exaggerating statistics on gun crime during the debate on this issue. He stated at that time in a letter to the Liberal deputy minister of justice and deputy attorney general “The incorrect reporting of the RCMP statistics could cause the wrong public policy or laws to be developed and cause researchers to draw erroneous conclusions”. The Liberals ignored the Commissioner’s concerns and warning and the rest is history.

Permit me to go back even further than Garry did and present some statistics. During the 26 years spanning 1970-1996 there were 37,000 deaths from firearms in Canada. 4000 of these deaths were as a result of a murder, of these 364 were as a result of rifles or shotguns. Yup, you read correctly, 364 out of 37,000 deaths were from a rifle or shotgun. The oh so typical Liberal solution, enact stiff laws and punish innocent law abiding target shooters and sport hunters. Tougher sentences and more police? Not in the Liberal dictionary folks. The Liberals never used these statistics of course, and successfully bamboozled terrified Torontonians into flocking to the polls to vote to save themselves from gun crazed mentally unbalanced duck hunters preying on their neighbourhoods.

According to Stats Canada, in 1998 out of 555 people murdered in Canada, only 27.2% or 151 were killed by firearms and out of those 151 deaths 9% or roughly 14 were killed with a long gun (rifle or shotgun). 14 lives out of a population of roughly 30 million in 1998. A figure the Liberals managed to hide from the vast majority of Canadians as thanks to their majority in both the house and senate this bill passed easily into law.

Remember in 1998/99 when 100’s of millions were being spent on the long gun registry in response to Wendy Cukier (Coalition for Gun Control) and her ilk’s plaintive cry ‘if it will save just one life it’s worth it’? Despite about $2B thus far it can’t be proven that Bill C-68 has saved a single life. But during each of those same years about 700 Canadians were killed in job related accidents. In 1998 alone well over 2,000 Canadians died and 10’s of thousands were injured (some horribly) on our highways. The Liberals sucked another $5B our of taxpayers pockets in the form of road tax, on which a piddly $300M got back to road repair, the rest into general revenues and eventually into their own pockets (see Adscam). The situation was and still is so critical that Reader’s Digest was prompted to do an article identifying the extreme and often mortal danger motorists faced as a result of our decaying highways even calling them a national disgrace. I don’t seem to recall highway safety or job safety in which scores more Canadians died than did from rifles or shotguns, making the news. Hmmm, surely gun control couldn’t just be all about votes could it? That would be so un-Liberal. (sark off)

Bottow line, the belief that a long gun registry was urgently needed, would save lives or assist the frontline police (who overwhelmingly rejected the idea of gun control from the outset) in this country would never have been swallowed by Canadians if the Liberals had simply told the truth.

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