Since the long gun registry’s inception murder rates by firearms are up 24%!!!

Since the long gun registry’s inception murder rates by firearms are up 24%!!! It’s amazing that anyone would want the gun registry after it’s proven to be such a failure. I mean whatever reason Liberals want it for, it’s not about saving lives. Most years more “extra” people are murdered on Canada’s streets by unregistered firearms since the registries inception, than with the military in Afghanistan, since the start of so called hostilities there.

The number of Crimes committed with registered weapons is about 2%. Thus when there’s all kinds of drive by shootings in Winnipeg they are not registered weapons. If they were the CBC would prattle on about it ad nauseum. 98% of firearm crimes are not carried out by registered owners! 98%.
The registry is a good attack on gunowners property though. We’re forced to undergo a bureaucracy that has phone lines from hell, the Winnipeg police have told me [when I thought they could change my address at PSB] that they don’t care much about the Registry! In our very own public safety building no less. In fact the first officer I talked to never even heard about the 2 Billion waste of taxes and had to have someone else explain it to them while I waited. Try to go to the public safety Building even to get a form to report your change of address, or Anita Neville’s office. Can’t do it? Tough, you’re now a felon and Anita whose party is ok with Clifford Olson getting OAS instead of the rope is happy a higher good has been served.

Unlike members of the Hells Angels, thieves and other reprobate criminals; Anita Neville and Pat Martin think its ok for law abiding gun owners to face 2 years in jail for not reporting a move within 30 days. But hands off those rapists, drug dealers and other thugs who actually make headlines. Several non government organizations from organized crime to pollsters have been given my private information courtesy of the Liberals registry.  That alone should collapse the whole thing if rational minds were involved.

How many doctors could 2 billion of those registry dollars have paid for? Anita Neville does not care. People waiting 2 years for an operation aren’t as important to Anita Neville as throwing tax money in the sand, harassing law abiding gun owners is. Modern liberalism is the victory of symbolism over substance, the reaction of the left on this subject proves they have undoubtedly earned that moniker.
re 2% carried out by registered weapons

re the 24% increase.

“There were 200 homicides committed with a firearm in 2008, 12 more than in 2007. The rate of homicides committed with a firearm has increased 24% since 2002.“!!!!!!!!!

The lefty hypocrisy here is that they are upset that the NRA might some how have something to do with Anita Neville and Pat Martin gleefully making me a felon without me having to commit an actual crime. Yet to juxtapose out of the other side of their mouth the left all cheerfully seem on board when Soros is taking a run at Sun TV.

Quotes by police about the long gun registry.

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