Should the city of Winnipeg cut some affirmative action positions or raise taxes.

20 for property taxes so she says, “over all” then they will cut taxes to 1/2 the city will get tax cuts and put river heights through the roof.  I pay more for property taxes than my mtg.  Like what the hell is with that.

One year when there was no tax increase mine went up 10%.  does that mean for me it’s 2% or 20%? Who knows.

Cuba fired 1/5 a million workers from their bloated government payroll.

Tell you what if you think its no big deal will you pay my increase?  Than might be 200 or 1000 or 20 bucks.  I wouldn’t trust her further than I could throw her.

Then it’s income tax, Enviro tax, gas tax to fix the roads that are not fixed with the road tax, booze tax,  lunch program, etc, etc, etc,…

I mean we pay over 50% of our income in this country in taxes.
Over 50%
I get much more fun out of the less than 40 something% that I’m humbly allowed to keep from the auspices of big government.

Would it be so hard for the big govt to stop strangling the economy. Besides if the city didn’t have as much money they couldn’t screw up all the streets in river heights. Try driving down grosvenor or fleet they’ve been ruined.  Stop the stadium that isn’t domed or the human rights museum that only children and employees of government forced to go will attend.

Maybe the city could cut some affirmative action positions instead.

Just sayin,

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