Now Binks is under threat, coincidence or Asad Raza?

Lame ISPs

Marginalized Action Dinosaur was cut off by Bluehost for publishing material that was legal, non-defamatory and written by Asad Raza. Apparently Raza whined and Bluehost caved. (My web monkey is working feverishly to reconstitute MAD on our Danish server.)

Now Binks is under threat. We don’t know for what but here it is WordPress which is buggering a blogger (and you would think they would know better.) We have no idea if this is Raza related because WP won’t tell Binks the nature of the complaint.

My own host got a letter from Raza’s lawyer about my blog.

Here’s what I wrote Mr. Clark, Raza’s lawyer:

I’m banking on Asad Raza.

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