Asad Raza takes out Binks, who is next to fall victim of anti free speech web hosts and DR himself,…

Then he sends emails lying and saying it’s not his doing???  The webhosts really suck for turfing customers whenever someone who has no legal claim sends a few annoying letters.

Two Down – Who Will Be Next?

They shut down Marginalized Action Dinosaur. Dino had to move elsewhere.

And now Free Canuckistan is gone – due to another free speech issue.

He has set up a mirror site though.

Now Jay Currie is under threat. But he’s not taking this sitting down.

Who will be next?

It very well could be Mitchieville.

Mitchieville’s ISP has been contacted by Asad Raza numerous times, and according to my host, they have been asked to shut down Mitchieville because “your site is making slanderous/defamatory remarks”. This stems from this piece that went up on Mitchieville two week’s ago.

Go read the post if you haven’t already. There are no slanderous/defamatory remarks in that piece. Not one.

Asad Raza has asked me to take his name off that post, but I refuse. This is a free speech issue.

Will Mitchieville get shut down? Probably. But The Mayor refuses to budge one inch. As I said, this is a FREE SPEECH issue, among other things.

Mitchieville might very well be the next blog to be shut down, but I highly doubt it will be the last.

The Mayor intends to fight this thing tooth and nail.

I will not be bullied.

He wanted this to go down the memory hole it was a 3 year old thread!  No one was reading it except him. His name was not even in the thread. Now he’s made sure everyone will know.

I’m pissed off and while before I couldn’t have cared less about it, but I was not going to delete the post.

Now Asad took out my blog and Bink’s (so far)now I care.

He hasn’t even apologized publicly for accusing Robert McLelland of being a slave owner. He doesn’t understand free speech. He just doesn’t get that I can say things that are true and piss him off.  As long as I tell the truth. This isn’t Sharia land yet though the left want to speed that up.  No Canadian I know, has ever owned a slave like they do in India. So when Asad accuses us of treating immigrants like slaves when they are really given affirmative action and buckets of government money.  that was a lie and not free speech.

Plus he’s not even sure if his lawyer is Kronenberger and Burgoyne Internet Law, or Traverse Legal, he’s emailed both to me lord knows what he’s said to my lawyer, but I can’t talk about that. Jay Currie was told to refer to a lawyer, who doesn’t want to admit he’s Asad’s lawyer.  I mean what can you say about someone who will not even tell you who their lawyer is.

I mean ASAD’s original intent was to get people to shut up, but he comes from a place [India to the best of my knowledge] where Muslims killed millions and free speech is never an issue if you are a Muslim. It’s all about how the rest of the world should shut up or you will kill them. they draw cartoons islamikazis kill, someone has a swimsuit contest there’s riots, someone says hey why do you islamikazis kill so often the religion of Al Battar kills more.  Then after they’ve killed and occupied all the land from Medina to Morocco they say it’s time for genocide in Israel.  A country they occupied for a thousand years.

There’s a reason Canada needs to stop all Islamic Immigration, that reason is Asad Raza.

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