If all those tax spenders become taxpayers, the horror,


Cubans who decide to go into business for themselves will find a series of obstacles, including very high taxes, lack of access to credit and foreign exchange, bans on advertising, limits on the number of people they can hire, and a litany of small-print government regulations, experts say.

Sounds like what socialists want here.

Cuba will lay off more than half a million state workers and try to create hundreds of thousands of private-sector jobs, a dramatic attempt by the hemisphere’s only Communist country to shift its nearly bankrupt economy toward a more market-oriented system.

But if all those tax spenders become taxpayers wont they have to cut taxes?

One wonders if anyone will notice the missing services?  I predict rioting and mayhem.  Besides if you’ve tried to screw up the private economy what makes them think this will work.  Private enterprise suffocates the higher taxes are.  It does not need limits on the number of employees.  In Canada the largest employer is still big fat government. Not McDonald’s and McDonald’s employees earn less.

Still, heh!

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