Asad Raza and the Bluehost definition of the word Private.

Since both Asad Raza and Bluehost refuse to call the dogs off.

Let me see if I got this right, according to Merriam Webster.

1 pri·vate
adj \ˈprī-vət\
Definition of PRIVATE
a : intended for or restricted to the use of a particular person, group, or class b : belonging to or concerning an individual person, company, or interest c (1) : restricted to the individual or arising independently of others
(2) : carried on by the individual independently of the usual institutions ; also : being educated by independent study or a tutor or in a private school
d : not general in effect

So lets say something is openly available from India to Canuckistan and is part of Asad Raza’s Read the famous “Top Eight Reasons NOT to Immigrate to Canada”.

Well it’s hard to imagine how that fits under a definition of private. But according to Bluehost it does.

November 05, 2006;

Sep 01 19:03:37 2006;


These are not something posted last night some of them have been up half a decade.

Oh there is one site that seems to have kow towed to he who according to bluehost “must not be named”.;

While we believe that the list below indeed does describe the experience of many foreigners in Canada,

Except there is no list below, you can bet they deleted it under Asad Rasa’s guidance. Yes this is speculation but they way he seems to think he can overwrite fundamental freedoms it would not surprise me. So bluehost does things like they do in Kenya. At least Kenya has hope.

Examples of PRIVATE not from misguided Merriam Webster but hacked from Bluehost’s dictionary.

Bluehost who alone know the current truth to power dictionary definitions.

  1. It was the first time many had seen works from the artist’s private collection that has for 5 years wandered from India to Ottawa so everyone who wanted to see it was bored of it.
  2. At home all alone he was always very serious, but in his private life, with lots of people around or at work when everyone was watching, he was privately very funny and relaxed.
  3. To propose to his wife privately, he took out a one page add in the beleaguered New York times
  4. Please keep all my personal information private, by telling everyone you can, from Kenya to India except for Gary.
  5. He put up flyers all over the town’s blogosphere to help keep the information private.
  6. She’s a very private person, she always wears her emotions on her sleeve.
  7. If bluehost just does not like your blog they will even stoop to saying that public information is private so you can know what a stalinist show trial was like when they punt you

I can see Asad wanting this, he came here from some Islamic craphole that doesn’t have things like free speech, so now he wants to live like that luckily he can in Saudi Arabia.

One blogger told me last night that their ISP got one of Asads famous threat letters but they told him it was baseless. At bluehost it’s grounds for termination.

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