How John Orlikow is screwing up river heights to spend big taxes.

Along Grosvenor and Fleet these changes to the curbs have just started showing up and people are confused as to why a road system thats worked for 100 yrs needs to be changed.

It’s to ruin the road for cyclists, see they want children to be forced within inches of cars so that parents throw their hands up in bewilderment and drive SUV’s for their safety.

Well maybe it is not, but that is exactly what John Orlikows initiative will do. Once a week or more I take my kids down fleet or grosvenor on a bicycle ride. Now to the left they want you to be several feet closer to the car next door. These Idiots donèt realize that Grosvenor and fleet were the best roads in the area to ride on. you didnèt have to stop and dismount every 300 feet like if you ride down Waverly.

Actually the rationalization is way more warped;

Their rationalization that Orlikow said at parent council last spring is that if they screw up Fleet and Grosvenor enough the cars will go to Grant and Corydon (kind of like they did near Osborne village.) Which are already a pain in the arse to cross. And Fleet and Grosvenor were good roads to ride on but they will suck in the future.

Your city hall here to %$?&*?%$$##$%!!!!!!!! everything up.

If River Heights needed a change it was to kick cars off one of the north south traffic calmed roads and make ONE of them a bike path. That’s it but why leave a good system alone when there’s taxes to be spent.

Vote Orlikow if you want more of that.

Here’s something else Orlikow screwed up who cares about lost taxes, we the people have lots more not that he would know much about that.

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