The thought Criminal is Back,

Just so both of my beloved fans can know. is back!

Not only that the thought crimes continue @ a new bluehost subdomain

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M.A.D. Update

if you are looking at the old site you may have noticed that you are being popped over here or get a real weird index which is better than the 500 error seems the subdomains are working too.

Everything except my blog that both of my homies like so much.

should be back soon, today, tomorrow err well who knows…..

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The people who want to take us over are putting on a seminar on how we can better accommodate them.

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Taqiyya, lying to help the caliphate,

In the Middle East, but especially Islam, the concealment of belief, as a method of self-protection. Taqiyya is allowed, and performed, when necessary to avoid death or injury to oneself or other Muslims. Taqiyya is mainly considered as a part of Shi’i theology or modern-day Islamism.
Taqiyya may be translated with ‘fear’ and ‘caution’. It is closely related to the term katm or kitman, ‘concealment’. Taqiyya is in many cases linked with regulations of how Muslims should act with non-Muslims.
The rules concerning the true intention of taqiyya are strict, and abusers of taqiyya will be punished by God.
The permission to conceal the faith is believed to be admitted by the Koran:

Koran sura 16: The Bee
108 … unless it be one who is forced and whose heart is quiet in the faith…

Koran sura 3: Imran’s house
27 … If you hide that which is in your breasts, or if you show it, God knows it…

Some interpret Muhammad to have performed taqiyya, too, when migrating to Yathrib (later Madina) instead of risking his life staying in Mecca. This interpretation may seem doubtful, but has importance with Muslims in order to legitimize taqiyya. It must be stressed that the two Koran verses above seem to allow acts of taqiyya; they even seem to allow it indiscriminately, meaning that it is up to the individual to decide when it is fit to conceal all or parts of his/her faith.

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Kinks: cliches of the world,

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Ignatieff says no coalition, for now,

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Canadas most corrupt province? Survey says,…..


Part of the reason for this is the frankly disastrous state of Charest’s government. In the past two years, the government has lurched from one scandal to the next, from political financing to favouritism in the provincial daycare system to the matter of Charest’s own (long undisclosed) $75,000 stipend, paid to him by his own party, to corruption in the construction industry. Charest has stymied repeated opposition calls for an investigation into the latter, prompting many to wonder whether the Liberals, who have long-standing ties to Quebec’s construction companies, have something to hide. (Regardless, this much is true: it costs Quebec taxpayers roughly 30 per cent more to build a stretch of road than anywhere else in the country, according to Transport Canada figures.) Quebecers want to believe Bellemare, it seems, because what he says is closest to what they themselves believe about their government.

If you read all the way through it and you should it’s interesting Querbec isn’t the most corrupt part of Canada but the commonwealth,

Those who’ve read Canadian history know the corruption played no small part in the over runs in cost @ louisberg in Nova Scotia, or Dearest Wolfe knowing what date the guard would be absent from the cliffs adjacent to the planes of Abraham.

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